Karnataka | A Portal for Finding Houses and Apartments in Karnataka

Karnataka Bhoomi is a portal that helps people to find their lands on record online. Karnataka is a Portal of land record Karnataka where you can search your search. It is an online land record portal for Karnataka citizens.

Section 1: Why Karnataka Bhoomi?

1. Housing need of urban citizens is a major problem as there are plenty of properties available in urban areas and many other places. 


2. People who want to purchase properties are not sure of their property as they do not have any kind of proof that that is their property. So they face problems in getting properties. 


3. There are many websites are out there that show houses but they don’t have any kind of guarantee that that is their house. So people are unable to get the property they want. 

4. There are many disputes in the sales of properties and various other problems. If we compare with other states, there is a lot of difference. In Uttar Pradesh, there are several thousands of disputes and in Maharashtra, nearly 50,000 disputes are there.

How to search for your land on Karnataka Bhoomi

Search for your land on Karnataka Bhoomi land records and find out the details of your land and the nearest taluk office which will help you to buy or sell your land. 

There are several search options and if you know the Indian cities and your area then you can choose the search option. 


The nearby taluk offices from where you can buy and sell your land are in your city, so you can take a few moments to check if you’re getting the right services with your local taluk offices. 

In Karnataka, you can buy or sell land only in the notified local taluk offices under the Karnataka Land Revenue Code.  Karnataka Bhoomi provides you with full details of all taluk offices. You can find their websites, contact details, and contact numbers.

What is Karnataka

It is an online platform for land record Karnataka, helping people find their lands on record. It is a process of registering land in the land record by filling in forms, for example, name, contact details, address, and other details.

Upon registration, users can see their plot on the site and can call the office directly for verification.  In this process, the user has to enter their name and address, as well as other details.


The next stage is to call for documents like land allotment certificates, revenue records, ownership documents, deeds, etc. This process is completed with the help of the phone.

After verifying all the documents, they are sent to the seller’s residence, and then the transaction is completed with a verification of the said document.

How to Check Land Record on Karnataka

Here is a step to step guide for Karnataka

Step 1 -> Open official website Karnataka

Step 2- > Open service2 part of official website dashboard.

Step 3-> Select District name from the drop-down

Step 4 -> Select Taluka’s name from the drop-down.

Step 5- > Select Hubli from the drop-down

Step 6 -> Select Village from the list.

Step 7 -> Enter Survey No. in the survey field.

Step 8 -> Enter Star in the Sumoc field

Step 9 -> Select Hissa no 1 in the Hissa no field

Step 10-> Select Period 2012 to 2020 in the Period field

Step 11-> Select Year 2020-2021 from the drop-down

Step 12-> Click on the Fetch button.

Owner details will appear on the screen. Here you can see Owner name, Extent, Khatah Number, Village name, Survey Number etc on the screen.

Click on the View button.


Here your land record all details will appear on the screen. You can download the land record from Karnataka, you can save it or can take a printout.


It is your right to search your own land and you should exercise it without any kind of fear. The online service is useful in locating your lands, plots or even housing projects.

If you are searching for a house on the Kannada calendar, you can find houses and projects on the portal. You can choose from different budgets, according to your preference and need.

You can find important information that includes the name of the project, location, and addresses. You can find the same information on the portal as well.  Website: 

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