LMS Karnataka How to Register and Login

Karnataka LMS is an integrated and aggregated digital learning experience platform for lots of Students who are no longer tied to a desk or a schedule.


The LMS mobile app facilitates is available on-the-go learning, anytime, anywhere so that Students can complete their tasks on their mobile devices at their own comfort, even when they are offline. LMS automatically syncs completed study work the next time the Student will be online.

LMS Karnataka

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Karnataka LMS covers user-friendly navigation and customizable topic that let you make the learning experience honestly your own.

The digital learning experience of the Learning Management System goes beyond that of the standard learning management system by creating learning fun, through customized, gamified learning pathways for independent Students.

Students can finish courses bundled as small missions, assignments, and Boss Missions that earn them points, badges, memberships of exclusive clubs according to their levels and ranks on the Leader board

What is Karnataka LMS

A digital learning and personalized learning platform with various features, it is an integrated digital ecosystem to support and promote the delivery of customized learning outcomes. The use of digital learning enables learners to work at their own convenience without any interruptions.

LMS is an internet browser-based application that provides multiple learning and assessment tools and related features to enhance overall learning outcomes. The features are:

Learning Plans and Grade Management

Instructional Design

Interactive Learning

Grading and Certification

Calendar Management

Audio-visual Presentation

Grading and Certification

A comprehensive grade policy with vision and framework to manage grading, certification, and adherence to government guidelines.

How to Register in Karnataka LMS

You can register for any of the modules by clicking on the Register button on the home screen of your Karnataka LMS mobile app. The following information should be filled in

The name of the Institution (University) where the Student will be enrolling

Phone Number

Registration e-mail id

Student login

Display Name

In the registration form, Students should fill all the required details, which is more important than adding one’s photo on the application.

Then, the student should send the application to the offline service center which will validate and process the application and make all the necessary changes. Then, it will also ask for the photo. It can take 4-5 working days, for confirmation.

You can also learn what is Karnataka UUCMS and how it works.

How to Login in LMS Karnataka

Logging in to Karnataka lms is the most common job. Students need to login into LMS. using registration/login method, we provide some key information like username and password along with a message which indicates that the Registration number has been generated for the particular student.

First of all, visit URL to login to Karnataka LMS.

You can choose your favorite language from the right corner.

First of all, enter your User ID and Password, use Welcome@123 as a One time password.

LMS Karnataka

In the next step select your University code from the drop-down.

Press on the “Login” button.

In the next step, you need to replace your One time password with your regular and unique password.

After entering a new password your Karnataka LMS dashboard will open.

You can access all features from the dashboard.

How to register on Karnataka lms app

First of all, you need to open your Google play store on your smartphone.

Search this keyword in the search box “Karnataka LMS App” .

lms karnataka

The first result will appear for LMS Karnataka App.

Click on the download button and the downloading process will start.

Now click on the Install button to install this app.

Karnataka lms student login

After installing the Karnataka LMS App a student can login into this app.

You would have received a WhatsApp attachment for the User ID file.

Open the user ID excels file and search your user ID from the list.

Enter your User ID into Karnataka LMS App.

User default password is “Welcome@123” to login to this app.

Change your default password.

Enter your new password and re-enter the new password.

LMS Karnataka

After changing the password your dashboard will open.

In this way, you can log in to your LM Karnataka Mobile App.

The key features of LMS

LMS Students can access their study material with a valid student ID and password to access the LMS content with no offline access to the system. Students can complete study tasks on their own schedules with an option to open any LMS module at any time of the day.

In the next step, you need to replace your time password with your regular and unique password.

Account required to login in Karnataka LMS

After entering a new password your Karnataka LMS dashboard will open.

You can access all features from the dashboard.

To complete the login process, Students need to provide their student details such as Registration number and that’s it.

Other Key Highlights of LM Karnataka

Today, any learning management system worthiness its salt has to allow the utilization of the energetic knowledge repository of an organization. Karnataka LMS attains this with Discussion Forums where Students can submit their queries on dedicated threads, and their colleges or Teacher can resolve them.
For the sake of the Student, the LMS app also helps to provide a date-wise activity list, with the Calendar feature, and a priority-wise list of allotted Sessions.
Karnataka Learning Management System digital learning platform supports all forms of training studies currently they have included PPT, PDF , Videos, MCQ. The feature-rich app extends Timetable by putting features like updating attendance manually of Students.

Here are some extra features of the Karnataka LMS Learning Management System:
• It shows progress status for Students
• Automatically Notifications of assigned courses on the Dashboard
• Advanced search filters are very helpful for users
• Included library courses that go beyond what’s assigned
• It Tracks course-completion


The Karnataka LMS is an ambitious project of CKD educational cell which aims to make school more accessible to parents and students. The major areas of the project are Digital content, LMS, Mobile App, Kannada as a subject, Kadakarri, etc. Nowadays, it is not always possible for students to spend many hours at a particular place like their schools.

 With Digital LMS at one’s hands, Parents can check and monitor their Kids Study performance anytime from anywhere, even when they are on the move. In addition to this, the Mobile App is compatible with most of the Operating systems and makes sure that it operates effectively on Smart Phones and Tablets.

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