Shocking Stats Reveal -1,700 Traffic Challan Every Hour in Telangana

The Telangana Traffic Police just dropped some terrifying numbers about traffic challans in Telangana, shining a light on how risky our roads have become. Last year, an unbelievable 1,700 traffic Challans happened every single hour, racking up a whopping Rs 519 crore in fines for the entire year!


Shocking Traffic Violations Numbers in Telangana

If you check out the info from the Telangana Traffic Police, you’ll see that a massive 1,51,63,986 traffic rule breakers got caught last year. That’s a crazy increase in incidents! On an average day, we’re talking about 41,544 cases and fines hitting Rs 1.42 crore.

Traffic Violations is Big Challenges in Telangana

Even with fines meant to make people more aware and accountable, the problem just won’t go away.

traffic challan telangana

More and more vehicles are hitting the road, and folks are doing crazy things like driving the wrong way on one-ways or ignoring red lights. It’s making traffic chaos in both small towns and big cities all over Telangana.

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Better Roads and Watchful Eyes

To really tackle these problems, our state needs to step up not just on building better roads but also keeping a close eye on things. People parking wherever they want, breaking traffic signals, and other rule-breaking adds up to massive traffic jams. Even one person not following the rules messes things up for everyone during busy hours.

Cracking Down on Rule Breakers

The Telangana Traffic Police are using all kinds of tricks to catch people breaking the rules, like CCTV cameras. Fines depend on how bad the rule-breaking is, and if you don’t pay up, they might even take away your wheels. But even with all this strictness, people are still breaking the rules. It shows we need a plan that covers everything.

Government’s Offer to Ease the Burden

The big boss at Hyderabad’s Traffic Department, Additional CP Vishwaprasad, is telling all drivers to take advantage of the government’s offer to ease the burden of pending traffic fines. Good news – people are responding, and the government has collected Rs.100.5 crores so far. Special counters are set up at the main traffic office to make it easy for you, and Vishwaprasad says do it before the subsidy offer ends.

Impact of the Offer in Telangana

Thanks to the government’s offer, a lot of pending fines got sorted out – 1.14 crore out of 3.59 crore all across Telangana. That’s a big deal – almost a third of the mess is cleared! Most of the Rs 100.5 crore collected came from the three Commissionerates (Hyderabad, Cyberabad, Rachakonda), where they cleared 66.57 lakh pending invoices and gave 57.53 crores back to the traffic department.


While the government’s offer is a step in the right direction for sorting out pending fines, the bigger problem of too many people breaking the rules needs more work. We need a mix of better roads, strict rule enforcement, and making sure everyone knows the rules to make Telangana’s roads safe for everyone.

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