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Good news for those who live in Tamilnadu. Now it has become an easy process for registration of various tasks like Marriage, Birth, Death, Firm, Chit Fund, Entity, and many more. The name of this portal is NREGINET.


NREGINET is a portal or website developed by Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. For Tamilnadu state. It is a portal for many online services. Internet is playing a big role in today’s digital world. These kinds of portals are part of digital India, a campaign started by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. In other words, TNREGINET is known as Inspector General of Registration (IGR), the same way the Uttarpardesh Govt has started Jansunwai portal and Haryana Govt has started Saral Haryana portal.

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The Benefits of TNREGINET portal

You can use this portal online and access from home, cyber cafe or from your office.

You don’t need to visit frequently in Govt offices to get your work done.

Now you will get rid of corruption to get your work done.

You will save time to get your work done.

Saving money through this portal.

You will get correct and timely information.

It will help you to get rid of long queue of Govt Offices.

It will help to reduce manual work.

Tnreginet Portal Available Services

Birth registration and Birth certificates

Registration of death and death certificates

Registration of marriage and marriage certificates

Registration of new Firm

Chit Fund registration

Entity registration

Online certified documents

Online society documents

Online letter documents

Online EC certificate

You can obtain encumbrance certificate through this portal

You can check information or search online encumbrance certificate.

Information on TNGRING online fee for different categories and stamps.

Many types of Govt documents without visiting Govt offices.

Stamp duty and registration fee information.

Tnreginet User Registration process

Here are easy steps for registration on portal


First search tnreginet on google.

Open official portal/website

Click on the registration section on the home page

Enter your name and password on the new registration page.


Keep the password under the portal guideline and it will accept when it will show green color then confirm the password after re-entering this.

Select one security question from the list for future uses (note: security question is important to reset password in future)

Answer the security question from the list.

Fill in the required fields such as gender, mobile number, and type of proof, district, and division, and other important information.

You will receive OTP on your mobile no., then enter OTP


When you fill in all this information, click on the “Complete Registration” button.

Congratulations: You have registered successful on this portal.

How to apply any document on Tnreginet ?

Open the official portal/website

First of all, create a login ID and password and register for this portal

Now login with your user ID and password and enter the code.

Now you need to click on the Sign-in option and then click on “Encumbrance Certificate”.

Now click on “Apply Online” tab .

Tnreginet document-apply

After clicking on apply online option one application form will open on screen.

Now fill in the all required details into the application form and upload the necessary docs.

After completing the required details click on the submit button.

Take a print out of your detail in the last.

How to check document status on Tnreginet?

Open the official portal/website Tnreginet

Click on more tab on top menu bar on the home page

Tnreginet document-status

Now click on a drop down will open, you have to select document status from here

Now enter the following details deed number, pending number or registration number.

As soon as you click on search a detailed information will appear on screen.

Encumbrance Search Procedure

Here we have provided details on requesting an Encumbrance certificate. You should follow the simple steps provided to search for your Encumbrance certificate.

First, visit the official Registration Department of the Government of Tamil Nadu.

Sign in with the username and password in the login section provided on the homepage of the website.

On the left side of the page, you will find the “E-Services” tab in the menu bar.

Tnreginet EC-search

From the drop-down menu here, click on the section “Encumbrance Certificate” and then click on the “View EC” option.

Now a new page will be opened in front of you. Here you have to select one of the “EC” or “Document-wise” options.

In case you select the “EC” option, you must enter the required fields such as Zone, District, Sub-Registrar Office, EC Start Date, EC End Date, and Village details.

Enter a captcha and click the “Search” button to check the EC certificate.

You can view the certificate directly if you select the “Document-wise” option.

Once selected, fill in the required fields, including the Sub-Registrar Office (SRO), document number, year, and document type.

Enter the CAPTCHA code in the space provided and click the “Search” button to check the EC certificate.

Tnreginet Stamp Duty

Few of you may worry, why we have to pay taxes to Govt., but the simple answer to this is, Governments of all states impose these taxes on us or impose a duty on us to fund all government programs and services. It is known as the Tnreginet stamp duty or documentary tax stamp because the body stamp is used in the document as proof of document documentation and tax liability.


Tamil Nadu public should have pay 7% stamp duty of property value at the time of property registration according to market value and they have to pay 1% fee of the total value of property.

Few of Tnreginet Stamp Duty rates and the registration fees 2020

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Procedure to Know Duty and fees

Open official portal/website

Click on the “more” option from the menu bar

Now select the “duty and fee” option from the drop-down list

Now you have various duty options, choose the option you want to know fee/duty about it.

Here are the options available

Stamp Duty and Registration fee

Fees for getting encumbrance certificate for one survey number

Fees for certified copies

Fee for Hindu Marriage Registration

Document Writers Fees

Fee for Tamilnadu Marriage registration

Fee for Special Marriage registration

The Fee for Christian Marriage registration

Fee for Birth and Death registration

Fee for Firm registration

The Fee for Chit fund registration

Fee for Society registration

Now you need to click the option and information will be on the screen.

How to calculate stamp duty on portal

Open official portal/website

Click on verifying stamp duty calculation on the home page.

Login to the portal with your login ID and password.

Now you need to enter the required details and then click on the submit button.

This is the way that you can calculate your stamp duty.

Tnreginet marriage registration online

Documents required for marriage registrations:

Address Proof (Husband & Wife)

Age Proof (Husband & Wife)

ID Proof (Husband & Wife)

2 Witness (proof of witness-Aadhar Card / DL / Voter ID)

Open the official Web site of Tnreginet

From the home page go to the additional options available in the menu bar

Select “search” from the drop-down list and then select another “Marriage” option

You have options to choose it name wise or registration wise

Fields you have to enter husband’s name, wife’s name, date of birth, date of registration if you choose to name wise option

Fields you have to enter sub-registrar office, registration number and year, if you choose registration wise option

Click on the search option and the information will show up

Procedure to Search birth and death

Open official portal/website.

Click on more option in the menu bar on the home page

Here you have to click on the “search” tab in the drop-down list then select the “birth and death “ option.

Choose the option according to your need “Birth” or “Death”.

You need to fill in the following fields’ child name, gender, date of birth, father name, mother name, and code in case you choose the “Date of Birth” option.

You have to enter the following fields, certificate no, name of a person, gender, date of death, death place, father or husband name, mother name, and code, if you choose the “death” option.

You need to click on the search option and information will be on the screen.

How to search Firm on

Open official portal/website

Click on more option in the menu bar

Click on the search tab from the drop-down list and then select the “firm” option.

Here you need to select “zone name” “District name”, “DRO name”, “Running No”, “Registration Year” and code.

Now you need to click on “Search” and information will be on the screen.

How to Search Chit fund on Tnreginet

Open official portal/website.

Click on more option in the menu bar

Then you need to select the “search” tab from the drop-down list and then select the “chit fund” option

Now you need to select “Zone name”, “District Name”, “Agency Name”, “DRO name, “sequence”, “Year”, “Group no” and code.

  • Now click on search option and information will be on screen.

How to Know Your Jurisdiction on Tnreginet portal


Open Tnreginet portal

Now click on the “more” option in the menu bar

Select “portal utility services” from the drop-down list.

Now click on the “know your jurisdiction” option.

Now you need to select a Street name or Village name

Now click on search and information will be on screen.

How to download User manual from

The user manual is an instruction chart that helps a user that they can use services on this portal. If you are facing any problem while using this portal then you can download the user manual and follow the steps.

Here is guide to download user manual

Open tnreginet net portal

Click on help option in menu bar

Now you need to select “user manual” option.

A new page will open with all kinds of services.

Now you need to search the particular service that you want to help.

After searching the particular service you need to click on the download option tab which is available in front of it.

The user manual will start downloading.

How to give feedback on Tnreginet portal

Open official portal Tnreginet

Here you will find a feedback tab and you need to click on it

After clicking on the feedback option, a feedback form will open

Enter your name, mobile no, email id, and your concerns or comments in the feedback form.

Now enter the captcha and then click on the submit button.

In this way, you can submit your feedback to the Govt.

Helpline Number on Tnreginet

You can call at toll-free number 1800 102 5174 from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm.

Saturday timings will be 10 am to 5 pm.


You can call at 044-24640160/ 044-24642774 for any query.

You can send an email at [email protected]

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