Meebhoomi: Search ROR-IB ( AP Land Records, How to check Adangal and 1 B on Meebhoomi?

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Andhra Pradesh Government has launched meebhoomi adangal portals in 2015 to make the digitalization of land records. This is a facility for landowners, buyers, and sellers to check their land records online. The government has issued a land passbook to land owners.

meebhoomi adangal

About Meebhoomi Andhra Pradesh

Meebhoomi is an official website to check Andrapradesh land records such as Adangal, RoR 1-B, Village Map (Bhunaksha), and FMB in the state.

The purpose behind launching the MeeBhoomi portal in 2015 was to keep the proper land data record and the resident of Andrapradesh can get their plot information online.

Andhra Pradesh Government has also launched Meebhoomi App for mobile. Citizens of the state can access their Adangal and ROR 1-B  reports based on survey number and khasra number on this App. One more land record access in Andrapradesh is known as Meeseva.

Portal name

Meebhoomi adangal

Scheme Started Year


State Name

Andra Pradesh


All AP Districts

Department name

Department AP

Official Website

Services Under Meebhoomi Andra Pradesh

Here is a list of facilities for citizens of Andra Predesh on MeedBhoomi Portal

Land owner details

Ground electronic passbook to the land owners

Water source and soil type

Land occupation nature


Rent House

Crop Details

Land owner can download record details

What is Adangal ?

Adangal is information related to land and records of rights (RoR). It is a local language word and also known as 1-B.

Adangal is also known village counter number 2. It is managed by village administration. All kinds of land details is available under Adangal such as type of land, nature of land, liability and other official information.

What is 1-B Document?

1-B document is also known as RoR. This is a detailed information of land records. It is handled by the revenue department of state. Prior to the digitization of records, a register was maintained for each village to list the land records separately. Now it is available on Meebhoomi portal and you can download it online as per your need.

TNPDS Smart Ration Card

How to view and download 1-B documents from mBhoomi?

Here is a process through which you can view or download 1-B document from MiBhoomi portal

Go to the official website/portal


Click on 1-b link in the top of menu bar

Now there are two options available a. Your 1-B b. Village 1-B.

Select the option according your need.

Click on “Your 1-B” option.

You will reach at new page.

There are five search options that you can search your record.

You can search record by “survey number”

Second search option is “Account number”

Third search option is “Aadhar Number”

Forth search option is “Name of Graduate”

Fifth search option is “Automation Record”

There are 5 fields you need to fill in this form

Your District name, Zone Name, Village Name, Your Account Number.

Now after entering following details enter the code given on the screen

Click on below given “Click” tab

Your record will be available on the screen

How to check the details of land conversion on ground floor?

Here is a process through which you can check your land floor detail of land conversion on this portal

Open the official website/kportal

Land conversion detail link is available on the top right corner of menu bar

meebhoomi land-conversion

Click on the ” land conversion detail”  link

A ne page will open on the screen.

It will ask four details from you

Select your District name, Zone name, Village name

Enter survey number and enter on submit button

Your record details will open on the bottom screen.

Please check your land record details.

Agriculture Farm Bill 2020

Checking Individual Adangal Record

Visit on the official website/portal

Now click on “Adangal” tab available on the top menu of portal


There are two options on “Agangal” tab one is “Your Adangal” second is “Village Adangal”

Click on “Your Adangal” link

A new page will open now

There are four types search on this page

Search by Survey Number

Search by Account Number

Search by Aadhar Number

Search by Automation Record

You need to enter following details

Select your District name

Select your Zone name

Select your Village name

And enter your survey number/account number/aadhar number/automation record

After entering the required details now enter given capatch code on the screen

In the last click on the “click” button

And your record details are available on the screen.

Checking Pahani Record

Visit on official

Click on Adangal


Now you have 4 search types available

You can search according to your:-

Survey Number

Account Number

Adaru Number

Name of Pttadar

After selecting the search type

You need to select following details

Your District name

Zone Name

Village Name

In the last enter the code given on the screen

Now click on the “Generate Adangal”  button

Your record information is available here on the screen.

Checking Village Map at AP Meebhoomi

Go to official website/portal

Click on “Village Map” link available on the top menu bar


A new page will open

Here you need to enter for type of details

Select your District Name

Select your Zone Name

Select your Village name

Enter code given on the screen

Now click on “click” button given below

After submitting details if you don’t see any details, you need to allow popup from the top window

How to view and download Adangal on Meebhoomi

Through this process you can view and download Adangal online.

Here is a process for view and downloading Adangal online.

First of all search Meebhoomi on google.

You will find official website (


Open this official portal and click on ‘Adangal’ on the top of menu.

There are Two Options 1 Your Adangal, 2 Village Adangal

Click one option that you need information.

As an example click on Village Adangal

There one new page will open.

Here you need to Select District name, Mandal name and Village Name

Now enter the code given on the screen.

Click on “Generate Adangal” Button.

There a list will be available in the bottom of screen you can check your details from the list.

If you want to search your own Adangal, there are four criteria to search land records.

1 survey number, 2 Aadhar number, 3 Account number,  4 Automation records.

District Wise Meebhoomi AP 

1              Anantapur

2              Chittoor

3              East Godavari

4              Guntur

5              YSR Kadapa

6              Krishna

7              Kurnool

8              Nellore

9              Prakasam

10           Srikakulam

11           Visakhapatnam

12           Vizianagaram

13           West Godavari

Linking Aadhaar With Land

First of all visit official website/portal

Now click Aadhar /other Identities tab

meebhoomi Aadhar-Link

A drop down will open here

There are three links in the drop down

Click on the top link “Aadhar Linking”

Now select search types from the two options

1 Account number  2  Aadhar Number

After selecting search type one of both

Now select District name

Select Zone Name

Select Village Name

Enter Account Number

Now Enter Capatche code from showing on the screen

Your record will open and now link your Aadhar card with your record

Aadhar Request Status

First of all visit on official website /portal

Now portal home will open

Click on “Aadhar / other identities” link on the top of menu bar

meebhoomi Aadhar-status

Now a dropdown will open

Click on “Aadhar request status” from the dropdown

Now a new window will open

Select your District Name and enter your complain number here

Now click on “Click” button

Your Aadhar status detail will open soon on the screen

Link Mobile Number

A clear instruction is given on portal that you can link your mobile number which is already  linked with your Aadhar card. If you want to link different mobile number with your land record then you need to link it first with your aadhar card at any UID center.

First of all visit official website/portal

There is link available on the top menu “Aadhar/other identities”

meebhoomi Mobile-linking

Now click on the drop down link “mobile number linking based on identity document” .

Now new page will open

Here are five fields you need to fill

Select the following details

District name

Zone Name

Village Name

Account Number

Enter the Capatcha code and click on get details

Now your details will open on the screen.

You need to enter your mobile number in the blank field

File a Complaint/Complaints Registration

Visit on official website / portal

Portal home page will open

There is a “Complaints” link available on the top menu bar

Click on the “Complaints” Tab

A dropdown will open

There are two options in the drop down

Click on “Registration of Complaints” link

Now a new form page will open

Here are 10 fields, you need to enter information

meebhoomi Complaint-registration

Complain Name

Mobile Number

Aadhar Number

Select Complaint type

Select District name

Select Village name

Enter your Address

Enter Your email Id

Select Zone Name

Enter Account number

Now click on “Click” button

Your complaint has been registered.

Status of your complaint

First of all visit on official website / portal

Click on “Complaints” tab available on the top menu par

meebhoomi Complaints-status

Select “Complaints Status” from the dropdown

Now a new page will open on the screen

Select your District name

Enter your complaint number

Click on “Click” button

Your complaint status is on screen.

Helpline Number

Applicant can consult with Tehsildar for any data related query and can send an email at email@[email protected] for any technical related query.

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