How to Pay for your Hyderabad Traffic Challan Online? e Challan Hyderabad Check Status

The Hyderabad Traffic Police has launched a new website for citizens to pay challans online. The website is designed to provide an easy and convenient way for citizens to pay the Hyderabad Traffic challan amount and avoid the hassle of running around to find a nearby bank.


The traffic police is also aiming at generating more revenue by making this process smoother and more convenient for citizens as well as themselves. These days Hyderabad traffic police is offering up to 75% discount on traffic challan.

Traffic Rules in Hyderabad City

The electronic challan system is a new initiative by the Hyderabad Traffic Police to make it easier for the citizens of Hyderabad to pay their challans. This system was launched on 1st July 2018 and it has been successful in making the process of paying challans quicker and easier.

The system is available on both Android and iOS platforms and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or App Store respectively. It’s also possible to pay challans through this app by scanning barcodes with your phone camera or entering vehicle registration numbers manually.

How to Pay for your Hyderabad Traffic Challan Online?

The challan receipt is an official document that is generated by the traffic police officer. The challan receipt has to be paid within 15 days of the challan being issued.

This can either be done by going to the bank and paying in cash or online. If you choose to pay online, you will need your challan number, a debit card, and an internet connection. You will then have to fill in your details on the website and complete your payment transaction.

To fill the Hyderabad traffic challan online, first of all, open the website

hyderabad traffic challan

Enter the vehicle number on the home page of the website.

Enter the last 4 digits of the engine or chassis of the vehicle.

Enter the captcha code and click on go.

e challan hyd for public

The challan details of your vehicle will open on the screen like Vehicle Number, Challan Number, Challan Date, Challan Time, Place of Violation, Total Fine Amount etc.

Tick ​​the check box in front of it to fill the challan.

traffic e challan hyderabad

Select the mode of filling the challan and payment from below, in this, the best option is net banking.

In this way to fill e challan Hyderabad, you can choose the name of the bank to make payment from this portal.

After selecting any one bank name, enter your email id and mobile number. Enter the security code and click on net banking payment below.

hyderabad traffic challan

On the next page, select Credit Card or Debit Card, or Net Banking for payment.

After ticking on Net Banking, select the name of the bank from the drop-down below and click on Pay Now.

hyderabad traffic challan

On the next page, the total amount consisting of Challan Amount, Conveyance Fee, and Tax will appear on the screen.

After checking the amount, click on confirm.

On the next page, enter your Net Banking User ID and Registered Mobile Number and click on Login.

OTP will be sent to your mobile number, after entering OTP enter your PIN and click on Login.

Write Challan in Remarks and click on the Pay button. In this way, your challan amount will be paid successfully.

On the next page, the acknowledgment of your challan will appear on the screen, you can take a printout of it.

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How To Pay For Traffic Challans Online In Hyderabad & Find More Details?

In this article, you will find more details about paying for challans online in Hyderabad.

The challan payment system has been introduced to the public in order to make it easier for the citizens of India. The system has been made available on the official website of RTA (Road Transport Authority) and can be accessed by anyone with a computer or smartphone.

Paying for challans online is one of the most convenient methods that have been introduced by the government. This method was introduced as a result of people’s complaints about how difficult it was to carry cash around and then find an ATM machine to withdraw money from.

How to Submit Motor Vehicle Challans In Hyderabad?

Online payment of motor vehicle challans is a convenient and hassle-free way to pay challans. To make it even more convenient, JCIL has made it possible to pay challans online without the need of any third party or intermediary.

JCIL website provides an option for one-click payment of challans which is a simple and effective process. One can easily establish a connection with the website by filling in the details in the form on the homepage.

The connection will be established after clicking on the ‘One-Click Payment’ tab and entering all required details. The system will generate an OTP that needs to be entered on your account page on the website and click on the ‘Submit Challan’ button.

What is a Hyderabad Traffic Challan and Why is it Necessary?

Traffic challans are necessary for the management of traffic and for the safety of pedestrians. They are given to violators of traffic rules, who are caught by the police so that they can be penalized.

A traffic challan is a document that is issued to a person who violates traffic rules and regulations. It includes details such as vehicle number, registration number, driver’s name, address, a time when the violation was committed etc.

Traffic challans play an important role in maintaining public order on the streets and in regulating vehicular movement in a city.

What are the Types of Hyderabad Traffic Challans?

Traffic challans are given by the traffic police to people who break the traffic rules. The challans are usually issued for offenses like driving without a license, not wearing a seat belt, or running a red light.

There are different types of challans that you can get for breaking the traffic rules. Here are some of them:

– A simple challan is issued when you don’t have your driving license with you and you drive on the road.

– An endorsement challan is given when you break any rule that has an endorsement penalty.

– A conditional challan is given when someone breaks any rule that has a conditional penalty associated with it and they agree to pay the penalty at the time of issuing the ticket or within some other specified time period.

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