How to Check AP Crop Insurance Beneficiary List 2020-21

AP Crop Insurance Beneficiary List 2020-21 : The Chief Minister of the State Shri Jagan Mohan Reddy has announced the ysr free crop insurance beneficiary list.


In this scheme, about 16 lakh farmers will be given assistance in the form of crop insurance of Rs.2977 crore.

YSR Free Crop Insurance

Let us tell you that the amount of YSR-free insurance is given to such farmers whose crop is either completely damaged or partially damaged due to some natural calamity.

YSR free crop Insurance works like Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana, a scheme run by the central government. There are many other schemes are running by State Govt. and Center Govt in favor of farmers such as PM Kissan Samman Nidhi Yojana.

Crop Insurance Beneficiary List 2022 Andhra Pradesh

If you want to check your beneficiary status in the list of YSR free insurance then follow the steps given below.

To check the status of YSR free crop insurance online, first of all visit the state’s official website

Click on Search in the main menu after opening the state’s official website home page. Then, Click on the “Khata and Survey Number” sub-menu under the Search menu.

Here, you search your YSR free crop insurance beneficiary list in two methods. The first method – check your beneficiary name using your Khaata number.

The second method is – Check your beneficiary status using your survey number.

Here is the process of A.P. crop insurance status check online

e crop status 2021-22

Step 1 – Select your Crop Year from the dropdown.

Step 2 – Select your District Name.

Step 3 – Select Mandal Name from the dropdown.

Step 4 – Select Your Village Name.

Step 5 – Select your Khaata Number or Survey Number.

Step 6 – Enter Your Khaata Number or Survey Number.

Step 7 – Click on Submit button.

ysr free crop insurance beneficiary list

e crop status 2021-22 will be available. Your name, Crop name, and Insurance amount will reflect in the list. Your amount will be disbursed into your bank account shortly. In this way, you can check AP crop insurance beneficiary list 2020-21.

What is YSR Free Crop Insurance Scheme

YSR Crop Insurance is a free crop insurance scheme that was launched on 15th December 2020, by the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Shri Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Under this scheme, farmers’ crops are insured free of cost, for which farmers do not have to pay any premium.

The installment of farmers’ insurance under this scheme is paid by the government and it has been said by the CM of Andhra Pradesh that the government is not doing any charity by paying the installment of farmers’ insurance, but it is the duty of the government.

YSR Free Crop Insurance Scheme is available for farmers of Andra Pradesh.

Farmers covered under YSR  Free Crop Insurance

Under the year 2020 -2021, about 9 lakh 48 thousand farmers of Andhra Pradesh state will be able to take advantage of this scheme.

  Under the YSR FREE Crop Insurance Scheme, the state government is going to pay an amount of about 1252 crores to 9 lakh 48 thousand farmers.

About 9 lakh 80 thousand farmers were enrolled under this scheme.

About 10641 rythu Bharosha Kendra in the state will help in the implementation of this YSR-free Insurance scheme.

Crop Covered Under YSR Free Insurance

1ANANTAPURఎండు మిరపIrrigated
2ANANTAPURకొర్రలుIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
3ANANTAPURకందులుIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
4ANANTAPURజొన్నIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
5ANANTAPURదానిమ్మIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
6ANANTAPURద్రాక్షIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
8ANANTAPURప్రొద్దు తిరుగుడుIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
9ANANTAPURబత్తాయిIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
10ANANTAPURమొక్క జొన్నIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
11ANANTAPURరాగులుIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
12ANANTAPURవరిIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
14ANANTAPURసజ్జలుIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
15CHITTOORకందులుIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
16CHITTOORక్రొత్తగా నాటబడిన చెరకు విస్తీర్ణముIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
17CHITTOORచెరకు రటూన్Irrigated and Un-Irrigated
18CHITTOORటమోటాలుIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
19CHITTOORదానిమ్మIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
20CHITTOORవరిIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
22CHITTOORసజ్జలుIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
23CUDDAPAHఉల్లి పాయలుIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
24CUDDAPAHకందులుIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
25CUDDAPAHక్రొత్తగా నాటబడిన చెరకు విస్తీర్ణముIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
26CUDDAPAHచెరకు రటూన్Irrigated and Un-Irrigated
27CUDDAPAHజొన్నIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
28CUDDAPAHటమోటాలుIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
29CUDDAPAHదానిమ్మIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
30CUDDAPAHపసుపుIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
31CUDDAPAHప్రత్తిIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
32CUDDAPAHప్రొద్దు తిరుగుడుIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
33CUDDAPAHబత్తాయిIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
34CUDDAPAHవరిIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
36CUDDAPAHసజ్జలుIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
37EAST GODAVARIక్రొత్తగా నాటబడిన చెరకు విస్తీర్ణముIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
38EAST GODAVARIచెరకు రటూన్Irrigated and Un-Irrigated
39EAST GODAVARIప్రత్తిUn-Irrigated
40EAST GODAVARIవరిIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
41EAST GODAVARIసజ్జలుIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
42GUNTURఆముదముIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
43GUNTURఎండు మిరపUn-Irrigated
44GUNTURకందులుIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
45GUNTURక్రొత్తగా నాటబడిన చెరకు విస్తీర్ణముIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
46GUNTURచెరకు రటూన్Irrigated and Un-Irrigated
47GUNTURపసుపుIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
49GUNTURమినుములుIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
50GUNTURవరిIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
51KRISHNAఅరటిIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
52KRISHNAఎండు మిరపIrrigated
53KRISHNAకందులుIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
54KRISHNAక్రొత్తగా నాటబడిన చెరకు విస్తీర్ణముIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
55KRISHNAచెరకు రటూన్Irrigated and Un-Irrigated
56KRISHNAపసుపుIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
57KRISHNAపెసలుIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
59KRISHNAమినుములుIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
60KRISHNAమొక్క జొన్నIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
61KRISHNAవరిIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
63KURNOOLఆముదముIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
64KURNOOLఉల్లి పాయలుIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
65KURNOOLఎండు మిరపIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
66KURNOOLకొర్రలుIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
67KURNOOLకందులుIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
68KURNOOLక్రొత్తగా నాటబడిన చెరకు విస్తీర్ణముIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
69KURNOOLచెరకు రటూన్Irrigated and Un-Irrigated
70KURNOOLజొన్నIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
71KURNOOLటమోటాలుIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
72KURNOOLప్రత్తిIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
73KURNOOLప్రొద్దు తిరుగుడుIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
74KURNOOLమొక్క జొన్నIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
75KURNOOLవరిIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
77KURNOOLసజ్జలుIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
78NELLOREక్రొత్తగా నాటబడిన చెరకు విస్తీర్ణముIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
79NELLOREచెరకు రటూన్Irrigated and Un-Irrigated
80NELLOREపసుపుIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
81NELLOREమొక్క జొన్నIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
82NELLOREవరిIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
84NELLOREసజ్జలుIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
85PRAKASAMఆముదముIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
86PRAKASAMఎండు మిరపIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
87PRAKASAMకందులుIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
88PRAKASAMటమోటాలుIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
89PRAKASAMదానిమ్మIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
91PRAKASAMమొక్క జొన్నIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
92PRAKASAMవరిIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
93PRAKASAMసజ్జలుIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
94SRIKAKULAMఅరటిIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
95SRIKAKULAMక్రొత్తగా నాటబడిన చెరకు విస్తీర్ణముIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
96SRIKAKULAMచెరకు రటూన్Irrigated and Un-Irrigated
97SRIKAKULAMమొక్క జొన్నIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
98SRIKAKULAMవరిIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
100SRIKAKULAMసజ్జలుIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
101VISAKHAPATNAMక్రొత్తగా నాటబడిన చెరకు విస్తీర్ణముIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
102VISAKHAPATNAMచెరకు రటూన్Irrigated and Un-Irrigated
103VISAKHAPATNAMప్రొద్దు తిరుగుడుIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
104VISAKHAPATNAMమినుములుIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
105VISAKHAPATNAMమొక్క జొన్నIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
106VISAKHAPATNAMరాగులుIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
107VISAKHAPATNAMవరిIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
109VISAKHAPATNAMసజ్జలుIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
110VIZIANAGARAMఅరటిIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
111VIZIANAGARAMక్రొత్తగా నాటబడిన చెరకు విస్తీర్ణముIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
112VIZIANAGARAMచెరకు రటూన్Irrigated and Un-Irrigated
114VIZIANAGARAMమొక్క జొన్నIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
115VIZIANAGARAMవరిIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
117VIZIANAGARAMసజ్జలుIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
118WEST GODAVARIక్రొత్తగా నాటబడిన చెరకు విస్తీర్ణముIrrigated and Un-Irrigated
119WEST GODAVARIచెరకు రటూన్Irrigated and Un-Irrigated
120WEST GODAVARIప్రత్తిUn-Irrigated
121WEST GODAVARIవరిIrrigated and Un-Irrigated


The government of Andra Pradesh has launched this scheme in favor of farmers of the State. All surveys and identification are done online with khata number and survey number.

The state government launches from time to time many schemes and portals in favor of the common public such as the YSR Pension Kanuka app online, Meebhoomi: Search ROR-IBMeebhoomi: Search ROR-IB, PMU Housing AP. Just read and use these services.

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